Projected 2022 Class Offerings



This high-intensity total body workout combines strength and endurance through a combination of calisthenics, core work, interval training, plyometric exercises, muscle conditioning, and partner drills.  Classes range from circuit style that kick starts your cardiovascular fitness to creative muscle-building exercises using minimal equipment.  Each class with bring its own challenges; no two classes will be the same! (60 minutes)


Build lean muscles and lose fat with movements inspired by cardio kickboxing and ballet. This class integrates traditional body-weight resistance exercises with the muscle lengthening principles of ballet.  The cardio kickboxing section will improve heart health, burn calories, tone the arms, core, legs and glutes. The barre segment will focus on lifting the glutes and toning the hips and thighs. Both sections will target the core muscles, improve posture, help eliminate backaches, and flatten tummies.  We will finish the class with flexibility exercises and relaxation techniques. NOTE: shoes are optional for both segments. (55 minutes)


Experience the joy of aerobic dance as well as moving into a circuit including strength endurance, drills, and core work. (60 minutes) 


This is an aerobic dance class with easy to follow choreography.  A mixture of rhythms and different dance styles are incorporated to bring your heart rate and energy up to a 10! Just let yourself go and lose yourself in the music! All you need to bring is your energy and a smile! (50 minutes)


Challenge your overall fitness and strength systems in this high energy, total body conditioning class. Circuit training is a total body challenge that is designed to combine resistance training and high intensity intervals. It will target overall fitness while improving your agility and muscular endurance through the use of various stations. (50 minutes)


High intensity intervals incorporated between strength stations guarantee a workout that will build strength and endurance. Core included. (50 minutes)


This indoor cycling class includes many levels of cardiovascular intensity as the instructor guides you on a unique heart-pumping journey. Set to upbeat music, this class is perfect for all levels. Ten minutes of core finish up this great workout. (60 minutes)


Dance Fitness utilizes hip-hop, jazz and Latin styles of dance which creates more of a fun party atmosphere than an exercise class. With that being said this class will get your heart going with moves focusing on a full body work-out. Familiar songs from the radio make this class engaging and get every ones’ head bopping and feet moving to the beat. (60 minutes)


A circuit style total body workout. This class offers stations of cardio and dance, strength endurance, low impact plyometrics, and core training focused on maximizing calorie burning and total body training. (50 minutes)


In this all-levels yoga class students will explore the mind-body connection through gentle movement and breath awareness. You will be guided to mindfully move your way through a series of traditional yoga poses as breath unites with movement.  Students are encouraged to practice within their comfort zone so as to maintain a safe and healing environment.  This practice offers the opportunity to ease any discomfort in the body and will leave he imprint of peace and calm upon you.  (60 minutes)


A high-energy cardio and strength class designed to raise your child’s heart rate and their love of fitness.  This class incorporates cardio conditioning, toning and body weight strength exercises, and a variety of equipment.  Your child will learn how to pump up their energy and increase their coordination, power, balance, and strength. Ages 5-9 (50 minutes)


Are you crunched for time over your lunch hour? Then this is the ideal class for you! This 30 minute class includes a cardio workout plus muscle strength and muscle endurance exercises. All exercises can be modified—all fitness levels are welcome. Participants cheer one another along in this team atmosphere, and leave feeling more energized and ready to face the second half of the workday! (30 minutes)


If you’re looking for an exciting and motivating cardiovascular workout then you need to check out spin! This indoor cycling class includes many levels of cardiovascular intensity as the instructor guides you on a unique heart-pumping journey. Set to upbeat music, this class is perfect for all levels, from beginner to advance. (60 minutes)


This 50 minute class includes fun & gentle  cardio steps for about 25 to 30 minutes from a seated position to rev up your metabolism, warm up  your joints, and strengthen your heart. We then use bands, dumb bells, and medicine balls for toning and strengthening.. The class ends with 10 minutes of range of motion and gentle stretching using seated yoga exercises. Breath awareness and mindfulness are encouraged during the entire class. 


This total body circuit- style class incorporates stations of HIIT, strength, plyometrics and core. The core section focuses on inner core strength and stability. (50 minutes)


Suspension training for full body, but focusing on the core. If you are able to do a plank for one minute, and you don't have back issues, this is a great core class. (60 minutes)


Your child will learn the basics of tumbling while having fun. Agility, balance, and teamwork will be developed enabling your child to have a healthy, positive, and playful experience. (60 minutes)


This mixed level yoga class inspires inner power and strength! Emphasis is placed on the union of breath with movement to create a moving meditation. Participants feel motivated and poised as they increase strength, flexibility, and experience physical and mental vitality. Concentrated movements that connect mind, body, and spirt leave participants feeling lighter and more relaxed. (60 minutes)


Compared with more familiar “yang” practices, (i.e. more active practices such as hatha, flow, and power-style classes, which typically focus on dynamic movement of both breath and body), yin classes have a much slower pace. Yin postures are primarily passive in nature and held anywhere from one minute to well over five minutes in order to target the body’s deep connective tissues, rather than muscle groups. These deep connective tissues, (fascia, tendons and ligaments), inherently resist changes from dynamic physical exertion, however, lose elasticity if underused and as a natural byproduct of aging. Yin yoga targets the deep tissues by slowly loading the various types of connective tissues with body weight and maintaining long static poses.  The benefits include increased range of motion and more ease with which to enjoy the daily tasks of life. (75 minutes)


In this class we will touch upon the philosophy of Yoga, as well as explore how the asanas (postures) can bring balance, strength and flexibility into both the body and mind. Some gentle Tai Chi movements will also be incorporated. (60 minutes)


The art of ballet to children.  Age range for class participants is toddler to teen; parents are welcome to participate as well. (60 minutes)


A total body workout that incorporates low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval style, calorie burning dance fitness party.  Zumba combines all elements of fitness, cardiovascular training, muscle conditioning, balance, and flexibility. Expect to leave Zumba with a smile on your face and a boost of energy in your body! (60 minutes)


This class incorporates a half hour of Zumba and then add in either step movements, core, or dance. Your instructor gets to make the choice, and it is always a fun, invigorating workout! (60 minutes)